Giving Tree


  • Covenant House New York

  • Demo

  • 01-12/2020

In my role as a volunteer, I collaborated with Covenant House New York to create a unique landing page featuring a "Giving Tree." The tree was designed to represent the generosity of the organization's donors, with each contributor's name represented by a bird perched on the branches.

To ensure that each donor received personalized recognition, we developed individual pop-up messages that appeared when a bird was clicked on. These messages expressed the organization's deep gratitude and appreciation for each donor's support during the pandemic.

Our goal was to provide a meaningful and interactive way for Covenant House New York to thank its donors, whether they were foundations, small businesses, or individual supporters. By acknowledging each contributor's role in the organization's vital work, we hoped to inspire continued support and commitment to the cause of providing shelter, food, and educational opportunities to homeless youth.